Nail Definition

Nail is a piece of metal. It is slender and normally has flattened head and pointed end. Nails are generally used to hold wood pieces together, or it is used as a hook to hang things. In Christian iconography, nails symbolize Christ's passion and are three in number. In medieval legend, nails are attributes connected with St. Helena, Joseph of Aramathea, St. Bernard and St. Louis. It is believed that St. Helena discovered the true cross and the nails used in it.
Nails are measured based on their size and the unit used is 'penny'. Larger the number of penny larger will be the nail. Common and box nails, finishing nails, roofing nails and drywall nails are more frequently used. Generally, both coated and non-coated nails are available. Galvanized and adhesive coatings are the different nail coatings. Specialty nails include spiral nails, masonry nails, cut nails, and aluminum nails. James Rosenquist's pulling out is a color lithograph depicting a claw hammer pulling nails colored in primary colors.
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