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How to guides about antiques, auctions, estate sales and many other categories.

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How to Refinish Finished Antique Furniture

How to get the Best Price at an Estate Sale

Estate Sales are held by Estate Sale Specialists, Auction Companies and others.  Regulations of people who conduct Estate Sales are far and few between unless the sale is being conducted by an Auction Company that is required to be licensed by the State in which the sale is held, or the Estate Sale Specialist is regulated or licensed. This said, everyone who conducts an Estate Sale set their...

How to get a Condition Report from an Auction Company

Many Auction Companies will give you a condition report on an item you are interested in buying.  This is common where you are bidding online.  However, not all provide condition reports. A condition report if a report of the condition of an item based on questions you ask about the item and general condition standards.  Remember when asking for a condition report that you need to ...

How to avoid fear of your First Auction

You are not the only on who experiences excitement if you are not a regular auction goer.  Even dealers who have attended auctions for years and Auctioneers themselves experience the same thing. It's like riding a bike.  The first time is hard, the second a little better and when you get it you feel the excitement and adrenaline shores. So you are likely to have an adrena...

How to get the most from Yundle

Yundle is a one of a kind web site desgined for an industry which has no single name and for collectors and consumers to find what they need easily and receive assistance where assistance is needed.  What industry?  Antiques, Auctions, Pickers, Pawn Shops, Consignment Shops, Antique Dealers, Shops and Malls, Experts and Appraisers, Related Associations, Museums, Collectors, and much more...

Items 1 - 5 of 5
Items 1 - 5 of 5

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