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Antique Bottles

If you need information on antique bottles and can't find it here, you might try Antique Bottles, Glass, Jars Online Community (

Yundle Newsletter 1.19

Thank you for joining the Yundle Newsletter. We want to keep you up to date about what happening so here goes: A Shows and Events section of the site has been added that allows users to post details about upcoming Antique Shows, Trade Shows, Association Meetings and more. A Collections, Inventory and Catalogs section of the site now allows visitors to view details created by subscribers online...

Yundle in Antique Trader, Antiques & Arts and Southeastern Magazines

February 25, 2015.  Jackson, MS.  Yundle is now actively seen in the Antique Trader, Antiques & Arts and Southeastern Magazines to help spread the word about Yundle and your Business listed in our directory.  The marketing plan is designed to also let Antique Shops and Malls, as well as Auction Companies know about Yundle for them to add or maintain their directory listing so th...

Yundle Goes Live

Today, November 5, 2013, Yundle went live on the Internet.  Yundle was created for an industry which has no name but consists of a large group of businesses, professionals, their customers and explorers.  Businesses and Professionals include Auction Companies, Antique Dealers, Estate Sale Specialists, Consignment Shops, Paws Shops, Appraisers, Experts, Museums and many more.  Custom...

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