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Frequently Asked Questions.  To submit a question, please use our Contact Form.

Q:  May I add my Sale to the Sales listed on the site.
A:  If you are an Auction Company, Estate Sale Specialist, or Business having a Liquidation, you may list your Sale Free of charge.  To to do go to the Free Listing link under Products and add your Sale.  Your first sale must be approved and after that list all the sales you like.

Q:  My Company is listed in the Directory.  How may I claim or update the listing?
A:  Click on "Is this your Listing" and follow the steps.  You may add information about your Company or Services and select the option that fits your needs.  The basic listing is free.

Q:  Is there a fee to register as a user?
A:  No.  Registration is completely free and there are no charges to remain a user.

Q:  What is a Public Profile?
A:  When you register you may create a public profile with content about you, your business or profession.  When providing content, editing content, uploading photos, etc. you may include a link to your public profile.

Q:  What is the Free Marketing do you provide?
A:   You receive free marketing on Yundle including:

  • Free Directory Listing
  • Free Sales Listing
  • Free links to your Public Profile each time you provide content, edit content, upload photos, etc. on the site.
Q:  How do I become a Site Manager?
A:  If you are interested in helping manage the content and submissions posted on Yundle, please use the Contact us form.

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