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North Dakota Administrative Code on Auctioneer and Auction Clerks

Administrative regulations relating to auctioneer’s and auction clerk’s licensing requirements and retaining records of sale. North Dakota Administrative Code Title 69. Public Service Commission Article 69-08. Auctioneers and Auction Clerks Chapter 69-08-01. Licensing Requirements 69-08-01-01. Approved auction schools Auction schools must apply to the commission to have their cou...

Whether or Not North Dakota Law Mandates an Auctioneer's or Auction Clerk's License is Necessary to Sell Items Through an Internet Auction Service

North Dakota Attorney General Opinions 2005. AGO 2005-L-40. LETTER OPINION 2005-L-40 November 4, 2005 Tony Clark, President Susan Wefald, Commissioner Kevin Cramer,  Commissioner Public Service Commission  600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 408  Bismarck, ND 58505-0480 Dear Commissioners: Thank you for requesting my opinion regarding the need for an auctioneer's or auction cle...

Auctioneers and Clerks Licenses in North Dakota

North Dakota Century Code Annotated  Title 51. Sales and Exchanges Chapter 51-05.1. Auctioneers' and Clerks' Licenses § 51-05.1-01. Auctioneering or clerking without a license prohibited § 51-05.1-01.1. Auctioneer's license--Clerk's license--Fees--Bonds § 51-05.1-01.2. Exemptions § 51-05.1-02. License standards § 51-05.1-02.1. Conviction not bar...

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