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Employees of the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites Corporation are Prohibited from Appraising an Artifact Unless the Appraisal is for the Corporation’s Use

Indiana Administrative Code Title 313. INDIANA STATE MUSEUM AND HISTORIC SITES CORPORATION Article 5. ETHICS Rule 1. Ethics 313 IAC 5-1-2. Appraisal prohibition Authority: IC 4-37-5-6 Affected: IC 4-37-5 Sec. 2. No employee of the corporation may provide any financial appraisal of an artifact unless the appraisal is for use exclusively by the corporation.  

Assessment of Tangible Personal Property in Indiana

Indiana Administrative Code Title 50. DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE Article 4.2. ASSESSMENT OF TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Rule 1. Administration; Procedure 50 IAC 4.2-1-1. Primary definitions (Repealed) 50 IAC 4.2-1-1.1. Primary definitions Authority: IC 6-1.1-31-1 Affected: IC 6-1.1-1-11 Sec. 1.1. (a) The definitions in this section apply throughout this article. (b) "Asses...

Appraisal of a Resident Decedent's Property – Indiana Law

Indiana Administrative Code Title 45. DEPARTMENT OF STATE REVENUE Article 4.1. DEATH TAXATION Rule 5. Valuation of Property Interests This rule is repealed

Appraisal of Limited or Contingent Interests in Indiana

Annotated Indiana Code Title 6. Taxation Article 4.1. Death Taxes Chapter 6. Special Procedures for Appraising and Taxing Certain Property Interests 6-4.1-6-5 Appraisal of limited, contingent, dependent, or determinable interests Sec. 5. If a probate court files an application with the department of state revenue asking the department to appraise a property interest which is limited, continge...

Professional Appraisers in Indiana

Annotated Indiana Code Title 6. Taxation Article 1.1. Property Taxes Chapter 31.7. Professional Appraisers and Professional Appraisal Firms 6-1.1-31.7-1 “Appraiser” defined Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, “appraiser” refers to a professional appraiser or a professional appraisal firm that contracts with a county under IC 6-1.1-4. 6-1.1-31.7-2 “Department”...

Ordinance or Resolution Providing for Appraisal of Nonsurplus Municipally Owned Utility Property in Indiana

Annotated Indiana Code Title 8. Utilities and Transportation Article 1.5. Municipal Utilities Chapter 2. Transfer, Acquisition, and Improvement of Utilities by Municipalities 8-1.5-2-4 Sale of nonsurplus property; ordinance or resolution providing for appraisal Sec. 4. Whenever the municipal legislative body determines to sell or otherwise dispose of nonsurplus municipally owned utility ...

Items 1 - 6 of 6
Items 1 - 6 of 6
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