Illinois Auctioneer License Laws

Laws and Regulations about Illinois Auctioneer License Laws.
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Illinois Administrative Code on Profession and Occupation

Illinois Administrative Regulations dealing with definitions, auction license, continuing education and internet auction listing services of an auction and auctioneer are detailed below: Illinois Administrative Code Title 68. PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS Part 1440. AUCTION LICENSE ACT Subpart A. DEFINITIONS § 1440.10. Definitions "Act" means the Auction License Act [225 ILCS 40...

Continuing Education for Auctioneers in Illinois

Continuing Education for Illinois Auctioneers as provided by the Administrative Code of Illinios.   SUBPART C: CONTINUING EDUCATION Section 1440.300 Continuing Education Schools Approval and License Section 1440.310 Continuing Education Section 1440.320 Expiration and Renewal for Continuing Education Schools and Courses Section 1440.330 Distance Education Programs Section 1440.340...

Administrative Code on Auctioneer Licensing

Administrative Regulations adopted in Illinois dealing with Auctioneer Licensing.   Section 1440.100 Necessity of License; Exemptions Section 1440.110 Examination Section 1440.120 Application for Auctioneer License and Auction Firm Section 1440.130 Application for Licensure, Practice Prior to the Act (Repealed) Section 1440.140 45 Day Permit Sponsor Card Section 1440.145 Renewals...

Vehicle Auctioneer License Required

Illinois Compiled Statutes Transportation Chapter 625. Vehicles Act 5. Illinois Vehicle Code Chapter 5. Dealers, Transporters, Wreckers and Rebuilders Article VII. Vehicle Auctioneers Current through P.A. 98-0604 (2013-2014) § 625 ILCS 5/5-700. Definitions For the purposes of this Article, the following phrases have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section: Place of business for...

Auctioneer License Laws and Other Auction Regulations

Illinois Compiled Statutes Regulation Chapter 225. Professions and Occupations Service and Sales Act 407. Auction License Act Article 5. General Provisions Current through P.A. 98-0604 (2013-2014) § 225 ILCS 407/5-1. Short title This Act may be cited as the Auction License Act. Cite as 225 ILCS 407/5-1 History. P.A. 91-603, eff. 1-1-00. § 225 ILCS 407/5-5. Legislative intent ...

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