Federal Laws on Auctions, Estate Sales and More!

Federal Laws on appraisals, auctions, auction licenses, consignment shops, estate sales, online auctions, pawn shops, sales tax, and storage.
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Estate Sales and Auctions of Firearms Guns

Read the ruling by the ATF, Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms. Generally, if you are holding an estate auction on behalf of the Executor of an estate and do not on a regular basis take possession of firearms, no firearms license is required.  Possession and transfer of the firearms is by the estate. Please read the entire ruling. AFT Ruling 96-2  

Federal Guns Laws and Auctions

Federal law governs many aspects of who can sell, own and possess guns.  The National Firearms Act governs who can own, sell and possess a gun. The Brad Act also contains provisions about who cannot possess a gun. State laws also come into play but Federal Law controls where there is a conflict between the Federal and State law.  

Federal Auction Laws

There are few federal laws regulating auctions in the United States. States have differing requirements on licensing, education, bonding, fees and other aspects of conducting an auction. The Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) was the original basis for auction laws in all states, except Louisiana which only enacted part of the Code. For information on wha the UCC says on Auctions see U.C.C. § ...

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