Arthur Osborne Definition

Antiques like plaques, free standing shelf pieces, calendar holders and figurines made by B. Osborne Company and marketed under the name Ivorex is referred as Arthur Osborne antiques. The company was founded by Arthur Osborne and it was situated in Ospringe, Faversham Kent. The company produced collectibles between 1899 and 1965. Arthur Osborne was an inspired sculptor and his plaques were well known.
Arthur Osborne created very detailed master plaques in clay using picture postcards. Thereafter, using master plaque gelatine moulds were created to which the finest plaster of Paris from Newark-on-Trent was poured. Sometimes, ochre coloured pigment was mixed to add some base colour to the pure white plaster.  After mixing it with water, a cream like consistency without lumps was obtained and it was poured into several moulds at a time. Bubbles would be skimmed from the top and the plaques left to harden. After air drying, finishing was done by Faversham girls using water colors and detailed works were done by more experienced women. Thereafter, these plaques were dipped in hot paraffin wax to give it an ivory like finish.
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