Texas Law on Self-Service Storage Facility License

Texas Statutes
Insurance Code
Title 13. Regulation Of Professionals
Subtitle B. Agents
Chapter 4055. Specialty Agents
Subchapter E. Self-Service Storage Facility License

§ 4055.201. Definitions

In this subchapter:
(1)    "Rental agreement" means a written agreement that states the terms governing the use of storage space provided by a self-service storage facility.
(2)    "Renter" means a person who obtains the use of storage space from a self-service storage facility under a rental agreement.
(3)    "Self-service storage facility" means a person engaged in the business of providing leased or rented storage space to the public.
(4)    "Storage space" means a room, unit, locker, or open space offered for rental to the public for temporary storage of personal belongings or light commercial goods.

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§ 4055.202. Issuance Of License

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter or this code, the commissioner may issue a specialty license to a self-service storage facility or to the franchisee of a self-service storage facility that complies with this subchapter. The specialty license may be issued only for the limited purposes specified by this subchapter.

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§ 4055.203. Authority Of Self-Service Storage Facility Or Franchisee

A self-service storage facility or franchisee licensed under this chapter may act as an agent for any authorized insurer only:
(1)    in connection with the rental of storage space; and
(2)    with respect to:
(A)    hazard insurance coverage provided to a renter for loss of or damage to tangible personal property in storage or in transit during the rental period; or
(B)    any other coverage the commissioner approves as meaningful and appropriate in connection with the rental of storage space.

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