New Jersey Record of the Pawnbroker

New Jersey Statutes Annotated
Title 45. Professions and Occupations (Refs & Annos)
Subtitle 2. Occupations Subject to Other Regulation
Chapter 22. Pawnbrokers and Dealers in Secondhand Goods (Refs & Annos)
Article 1. General Provisions

45:22-13. Pawnbroker's records; details of

Every pawnbroker shall keep a book in which shall be recorded, in ink, at the time of making each loan, the name and address of the pledgor, or, where a pledge is made by a person acting as agent for a disclosed principal, the names and addresses of principal and agent; the date of the transaction; amount of the loan; the article or articles pledged; and the serial number of the loan. There shall also be recorded in such book the date on which each loan was canceled, and whether it was redeemed or renewed or whether the collateral was sold at auction. In a separate book the licensee shall record, in ink, all sales of unredeemed pledges, showing number, date, amount, and duration of each loan, the date of sale, the amount realized from the sale of the collateral, the amount charged to the pledgor as interest, commission and expenses of sale, the amount of the surplus or deficit, as the case may be, the date on which and the person to whom the surplus, if any, was paid. All entries herein provided for shall be made in the English language.

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