Sale of Acquired Personal Property in Montana

Title 7. Local Government
Chapter 2. Creation, Alteration, and Abandonment of Local Governments
Part 27. Abandonment and Consolidation of Counties

7-2-2757. Sale of acquired personal property

(1) Personal property having a value in excess of $100 may not be sold unless it has been appraised within 1 year immediately prior to the date of sale by three taxpayers who reside within the territory of the abandoned and abolished county and who were appointed by the judge of the district court to which the county succeeding to the ownership of the property is attached, on petition of the board of county commissioners. A sale of any personal property must be made at public sale after notice and for a price not less than 90% of the appraised value.
(2) Whenever the purchase price of any real estate is to be paid in installments, the board shall enter into a contract with the purchaser and the contract must be recorded in the office of the county clerk. When payment in full has been made for any personal property, the presiding officer of the board shall execute and deliver the proper bill of sale or deed to the purchaser or the purchaser's successor in interest.

Mont. Code Ann. § 7-2-2757


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