Montana Courses of Instruction, Examination, and Certification

Montana Code Annotated 
Title 15. Taxation
Chapter 7. Appraisal
Part 1. General Methods

15-7-106. Courses of instruction, examination, and certification--additional courses

(1) The department shall offer courses in the principles, methods, and techniques of appraising for property tax purposes property in three fields:
(a) residential property;
(b) agricultural land; and
(c) commercial and industrial property.
(2) The department shall conduct an examination for those who have completed a course of instruction in any of the three fields listed in subsection (1).
(3) A person may not take the examination for appraising commercial and industrial property unless the person holds a certificate in appraising residential property.
(4) The department may schedule and conduct other courses within the state for appraisers, assessors, and department personnel for training in the following subjects:
(a) personal property assessment;
(b) property tax administration; and
(c) personnel management, fiscal management, public relations, professional ethics, and related management principles.
(5) The department shall issue a certificate to each appraiser, assessor, or other person successfully completing a course of instruction and passing an examination in any of the fields provided for in subsection (1) or any subject provided for in subsection (4).

Cited as Mont. Code Ann. § 15-7-106


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