Auctioneer’s Fees in Missouri

Vernon's Annotated Missouri Statutes
Title XXXI. Trusts and Estates of Decedents and Persons Under Disability
Chapter 473. Probate Code--Administration of Decedents' Estates (Refs & Annos)
Sales, Mortgages, Leases, Exchanges

473.530. Brokers', abstracting, and auctioneers' fees

In connection with the sale, mortgage, lease or exchange of property, the court may authorize the executor or administrator to pay, out of the proceeds realized therefrom or out of the estate, the customary and reasonable auctioneers', brokers' and real estate sales fees or commissions, and any necessary expenses for abstracting, title insurance, survey, revenue stamps and other necessary costs and expenses in connection therewith.

Cite as Mo. Ann. Stat. § 473.530


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