Iowa Personal Property Appraisal

Iowa Code Annotated
Title XV. Judicial Branch and Judicial Procedures [Chs. 595-686]
Subtitle 3. Civil Procedure [Chs. 611-631] (Refs & Annos)
Chapter 626. Execution (Refs & Annos)

626.93. Personal property and leasehold interests--appraisement

Personal property, and leasehold interests in real property having less than two years of an unexpired term, levied upon and advertised for sale on execution, must be appraised before sale by two disinterested householders of the neighborhood, one of whom shall be chosen by the execution debtor and the other by the plaintiff, or, in case of the absence of either party, or if either or both parties neglect or refuse to make choice, the officer making the levy shall choose one or both, as the case may be, who shall forthwith return to said officer a just appraisement, under oath, of said property if they can agree; if they cannot, they shall choose another disinterested householder, and with that householder's assistance shall complete such appraisement, and the property shall not, upon the first offer, be sold for less than two-thirds of said valuation; but if offered at the same place and hour of the day as advertised upon three successive days, and no bid is received equal to two-thirds of the appraised value thereof, then it may be sold for one-half of said valuation.

Cited as Iowa Code Ann. § 626.93 


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