How to get the Best Price at an Estate Sale

Estate Sales are held by Estate Sale Specialists, Auction Companies and others.  Regulations of people who conduct Estate Sales are far and few between unless the sale is being conducted by an Auction Company that is required to be licensed by the State in which the sale is held, or the Estate Sale Specialist is regulated or licensed.

This said, everyone who conducts an Estate Sale set their own rules about the sale.  This includes just about everything related to the sale.  Be sure to read any terms that are disclosed before the sale if available.  If not, you should ask any questions you may have before the sale.

Now let's get to the heart of this How to.  Getting the best price at an Estate Sale.

First since they set their terms and rules, ask the Company or person holding the sale how the sale will be handled.  Potential questions follow:
  1. Will you take offers below the price the items are marked?
  2. When will you take offers?  Some sales have rules that do not reduce the price or take offers on the first day or first two days, etc. depending on how long the sale will run.
  3. Will there be a certain percentage markdown as the sale progresses and when?
  4. Will you take offers before the sale?
  5. Can I buy an item before your sale starts?
  6. What will happen to items not sold?
  7. Will items not sold go to an auction somewhere?
Unless you are really wanting an item or the item is mispriced (priced too low) the price of the item will usually be reduced if it does not sell timely.  If the item is really in demand it will probably sell the first day.

Just because an item is in an Estate Sale does not mean it is the only one out there.  Remember to look online for similar items to get a feel for the current value before going to the sale.  Of course, some people who buy at an Estate Sale want to buy something that the deceased owned and if that is important online prices may not help.

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