How to get a Condition Report from an Auction Company

Many Auction Companies will give you a condition report on an item you are interested in buying.  This is common where you are bidding online.  However, not all provide condition reports.

A condition report if a report of the condition of an item based on questions you ask about the item and general condition standards.  Remember when asking for a condition report that you need to try to specify what you are wanted checked.  Most Auction Companies that provide condition reports also have standards they go by on what needs to be checked.

But remember that most condition reports are only the opinion of the person providing the report and often come with a disclaimer.  Regardless, most reputable Auction Companies will stand behind gross misstatements in a condition report.

To receive a condition report download a condition report form if one is provided online, email the Auction Company in advance of the auction or call.  Requests for condition reports after an auction has begun will be difficult to obtain.

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