How to avoid fear of your First Auction

You are not the only on who experiences excitement if you are not a regular auction goer.  Even dealers who have attended auctions for years and Auctioneers themselves experience the same thing.

It's like riding a bike.  The first time is hard, the second a little better and when you get it you feel the excitement and adrenaline shores.

So you are likely to have an adrenaline rush when you attend an auction, especially when there is something you want to bid on.  If you even used eBay and waited to the last minute to bid hoping you were the winner of the item you know what I mean.

It's fun, while at the same time a little over exciting.  How do you deal with this excitement and adrenaline rush so that you don't make a mistake?
  1. Remember it is only an auction and no different than bidding online or  buying an item at a store.  The only difference is that you may not be the only person interested in the item.
  2. If other people are bidding on the item, why get nervous about bidding.  It's an easy as holding up your hand or bid card.
  3. Set a realistic price you are willing to pay and bid up to that amount.
  4. Move from excitement to calm and cool.  After you have bought your first item it's like riding a bike.
If you have friends that have attended an auction, take one with you and listen to them.

Auctions are nothing strange and definitely not only for regular auction goers.  Auctions are for everyone.


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