Boundary Conditions; LeWitt Family Staircase

March 9, 2014 - Februsry 28, 2017 - The installation will harness daylight and artificial light as mediums with which to create, blurring the line between the physical drawing and the light drawing. The space will be filled with sinuous, large, sprawling structures on two opposing walls which transmit, reflect, and refract light while the painted dark walls of the gallery are enclosed with images that echo the shadows and reflections of the gleaming sculpture. The images are articulated with charcoal and graphite.” Changing light conditions will reveal different facets of the sculpture, so that during different times of day it will be transformed from translucent and clear to colorful and prismatic.

Dates:March 09, 2014 11:00 am to February 28, 2017 05:00 pm
Address:56 Lexington Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06052, United States
Phone:(860) 229-0257
Contact:New Britain Museum of American Art