The Contribution of Safety Programs in Averting Workplace Accidents

The maintenance of your facility can present challenging and unique concerns for everyone responsible for it. To protect the area, you have to do your part. This might include creating a health and safety program at your facility.

Your Role in Ontario Workplace Health and Safety

When it comes to health and safety, you have to do due diligence. What this means is that you have to take every reasonable precaution under the circumstances to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring in the workplace.

Doing your due diligence is an important legal defence for you and it is part of occupational health and safety. If you get charged, then you might not be guilty if you can show that you exercised due diligence. You have to be able to prove that you took all of the reasonable precautions under the circumstances to prevent injuries or health issues.

How Do You Ensure Due Diligence?

You have to have a written occupational health and safety policy in place, as well as the right procedures and practices. What this does is show that you carried out safety audits in the workplace and identified any potential hazards. You should also be able to show that you provided information so your workers could work safely.

Part of a good health and safety program includes knowing and being able to apply the requirements of your regulations and applicable standards.

Have a system in place to investigate any accidents and create an accident reporting system. Encourage your employees to report any near-accidents as well so you or health and safety consultants in Ontario can investigate them.

Incorporate the information from any investigations into improved and revised policies or procedures. That will help you establish due diligence.

The Importance of Documentation

You should document in writing that you followed all of the right steps. Many health and safety consultants in Ontario recommend keeping your inspection logbooks updated with any repairs or modifications or inspections to the system or equipment on your property. Training your employees is important, and you should have records of this training.

Have the specifications, use instructions, and design drawings of the equipment filed neatly. Remember that the operating agents and the building owner have shared responsibilities.

Choosing the Best Health and Safety Consultants in Ontario

You will need to have a regular inspection done of your building façade access system, and you have to have a professional engineer do this. They need to have expertise in suspended access systems or work under a professional engineer. If you want to know more about Ontario workplace health and safety, feel free to reach out to them today.


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